create your place of peace

Tea should be a delicious & healthy treat you look forward to every day.

That's why we crafted five distinctly delicious herbal teas to help you create a delightful moment of peace wherever you are.

Our caffeine free & zero-calorie botanical blends are naturally sweet so you don't need to use processed sweeteners and our bees get to keep their sticky honey.

beautiful & sustainable

You'll want to keep our stunningly beautiful (and plastic-free) canisters out on the counter, not with the other boxes in your drawer.

Each premium pyramid sachet is filled with 2.5g (25%+ than others) of organic herbs, so you can enjoy more than one steep.

We use biodegradable, plant-based sachets so you aren't pouring boiling water on nylon or bleached sachets with wasteful strings and tags.

fair trade & giving back 100%

We believe everyone deserves a life of peace, freedom, and decent working conditions.

That's why we source fair trade ingredients and give back 100% of profits to support Grace Farms Foundation's work to ending forced labor worldwide.

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