I was the Director of Operations and Sustainability for Grace Farms Foundation when someone first told me about Certified B Corporations. It was explained simply that, "a B Corp is a business that 'does good' in the world, you know, like Patagonia."
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"We are committed to sourcing the highest quality coffee that doesn’t come at an extra cost to our planet or the farmers that grow the beans. That’s why we are incredibly particular about where and from whom we source our coffees from."
This summer, Grace Farms Foundation’s CEO and Founder, Sharon Prince, traveled with the Foundation’s Special Projects Liaison & Tea Expert, Frank Kwei, and Grace Farms Foods Co-Founder Adam Thatcher, to India to visit the Fairtrade and organic tea suppliers that provide teas for the Foundation’s public benefit subsidiary, Grace Farms Foods.
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As we end our inaugural year of business at Grace Farms Foods, we are taking time to reflect on all the learnings, accomplishments, and challenges we faced starting a new philanthropic venture.
Unlike most women, the Berhnau sisters were encouraged by their family to become educated and start their own business.  In 2013, three sisters (Mahder, Mahlet, and Hirut) started Dumerso Coffee with the purchase of their first sorting and washing station in the Dumerso region of Yirgacheffe.
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Celebrity chef and social entrepreneur Silvia Baldini sat down with Grace Farms Foods Co-Founder Adam Thatcher to talk food, sustainability, and giving back.  Read the full Q&A here.
Long before a vegetable reaches our plate, it has already lived a story. A journey of being picked and harvested, of being grown, deep in the soil, tended to by water, wind, sun, and the care of a farmer, and brought into someone’s home.
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When we describe River Roast as a convening coffee we don't think of it as just bringing people together at Grace Farms...
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