Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince is the visionary, founder, and CEO of Grace Farms Foundation. Sharon is passionate about creating more grace and peace in our world by bringing people together to solve complex humanitarian problems.

In 2019, Sharon started and leads the Design For Freedom movement to end forced labor in the building materials supply chain.

Sharon is an avid coffee and tea drinker and co-founded Grace Farms Foods in 2021.

Sharon was recently recognized as one of the most Creative Leaders in Business by Fast Company.

Adam Thatcher

Adam Thatcher is co-founder and CEO of Grace Farms Foods. He loves adventure but is willing to slow down for a great cup of tea or coffee.

Adam envisioned our model of a nonprofit-owned business after learning about the innovative social enterprise structures possible under the IRS code while getting his MBA at NYU.

Prior to Grace Farms Foods, Adam served as the Director of Operations and Sustainability for Grace Farms Foundation from 2015 - 2020.

Read more about Adam's story at Grace Farms Foods here.

Frank Kwei

Frank Kwei is Grace Farms' resident tea master and coffee aficionado. Since 2015, Frank has been welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors to Grace Farms with his thoughtfully selected teas.

Frank hosts a wide variety of tea education programs on the vast world of tea and on the ethical & sustainable production of tea and coffee.

Prior to Grace Farms, Frank was co-founder of a premium tea company and he creates each of Grace Farms' unique blends.

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