extraordinary teas

At Grace Farms, we're passionate about tea, love to share, and obsessed with doing good.

That's why we're sharing our signature line of teas that don't just taste great, they'll make you feel great, too.

We source the finest, organic ingredients from around the world to craft a unique tea experience you'll love from your very first sip.

beautiful and sustainable

Our beautiful canisters were inspired by the traditional kaikado tea canisters of Japan.

Both beautiful and functional, our refillable canisters are designed in artful renderings to evoke the same peaceful feeling you’ll get with each sip of tea; consider each canister a new addition to your kitchen décor

Each plastic-free, biodegradable sachet is filled with 2.5 grams of tea for a more flavorful cup that you can brew twice.

fair trade and giving back 100%

We believe every person has a right to peace, freedom, and fair working conditions.

That's why we use fair trade ingredients that protect farmers around the world and helps them become more resilient to climate change.

On top of that, feel great knowing that 100% of our profits supports Grace Farms Foundation's work to end forced labor forever.

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