the slavery discount

Even though slavery was abolished globally nearly a century ago, there are still more than 28 million people trapped in forced labor worldwide.

Poverty and lack of access to education create opportunities for those who stand to benefit from the exploitation of vulnerable men, women, and children.

Forced labor takes the form of work with little to no pay, fear and coercion, and restricted freedom of movement. This heinous crime often occurs at the beginning of the supply chain when our food is harvested, our clothes are made, and the materials used in our buildings are extracted, lowering costs and creating an unfair capitalistic model.

galvanizing change

Grace Farms is uniquely able to bring the public, not-for-profits, businesses, and government agencies together to address the most pressing humanitarian issues of our time.

Through education and partnership we are creating new collaborative models to end modern slavery and build a future free of forced labor.

Now, we invite everyone to join in our mission with ethically and sustainably sourced food that gives back 100% of profits to support Design For Freedom by Grace Farms.

To view our 2021 Benefit Corporation Impact Report, click here.

design for freedom

Design For Freedom by Grace Farms is a movement to build a future free of forced labor by raising awareness and creating a new system for eliminating forced labor from the raw materials supply chain associated with the construction of our public spaces, homes, and schools.

Together, Grace Farms Foundation and the new Pilot Projects are modeling transparent and forced labor free supply chains and demonstrating design principles in action by creating a tangible example of a more humane built environment.

100% of the company's profits directly supports the Design For Freedom movement. To learn more, visit Design For Freedom.

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