Better Brownies

Delight in Greyston Bakery´s signature brownies, curated in a selection of fan-favorite flavors. Chocolate Fudge, Double Chocolate Chip Blondie, Espresso Roast, and Vegan Cinnamon Roll Blondie. Crafted with expertise from the ones trusted by Ben & Jerry´s for over 35 years. Each gift box includes eight freshly baked brownies & blondies without preservatives, so indulge as soon as they arrive!

Craveable Coffee

Savor the brilliance of a bright Colombian light roast with notes of caramel, sweet herbs, and citrus that shine from beans of a celebrated coffee growing region. Since 2015, Grace Farms has proudly partnered with Fairtrade, organic, women-led co-ops to uplift female entrepreneurs and deliver impactful rituals for your day. Each 12oz bag of coffee is freshly roasted and pre-ground ready for any household to enjoy.

Terrific Tea

Complete the gourmet experience with specially chosen sampling of organic teas from Grace Farms, From the boldness of Earl Grey, to the classic allure of English Breakfast, and the warming spice of Rooibos Chai, each sip perfectly complements your brownie delights. Gift box includes three individually wrapped pyramid sachets of tea.

Fair Jobs For All

Grace Farms and Greyston Bakery are united under a common cause: to foster fair job opportunities both locally and globally. Embracing the spirit of giving, much like this special gift box, both nonprofit-owned businesses merge delicious products with purpose, generating jobs and giving back 100% of profits to help others in need.

Greyston Bakery pioneered the 'Open Hiring ́ model to provide jobs to those with barriers to employment. Grace Farms works with small-holder farms around the world.

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