The Problem

There are more than 28 million adults and children trapped in forced labor today even though slavery was abolished worldwide more than a century ago.

That's 35 people for every 10,000 on Earth.

What is forced labor

Forced labor is an inhumane and illegal business practice that exploits vulnerable adults and children, coerced through fear and violence to work for little or no pay.

The most worst form is forced child labor, in which children are stripped of the right to education and are subject to dangerous working conditions against their will.

At Grace Farms, we believe that every person has a right to freedom and decent work and every child deserves access to education and a happy childhood.
Giving Back 100%

With every cup of tea or coffee you enjoy, you and your organization are joining this movement and helping give back 100% of profits to support Design For FREEDOM™.

every cup = good for you = good for the world

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