Coming In June

If you have landed on this page, then you are one of a few lucky people to have gotten an early release of our new iced teas which will be launching in June for National Iced Tea Month.

This page is still in the process of being built, but we have provided some simple brewing instructions below to help you brew a delicious pitcher of our iced teas! More delicious recipes and details to come.

How To Brew

There are two simple methods for brewing iced tea.

Hot brew, then pour over ice OR cold brew/sun brew.

Hot Brew: Use 1/2 quart of freshly boiled water for each brew bag, in a heat-safe pitcher. Allow to brew for 8 - 10 mins depending upon desired strength. Pour over ice. Melted ice will dilute tea. Add more ice as needed.

Cold/Sun Brew: Use 1 quart of room temperature water for each brew bag. Allow tea to brew in refrigerator or in the sun for >4 hours. Pour directly over ice.

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