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Grace Farms, located in New Canaan, Connecticut (40 miles from New York City), is a cultural and humanitarian center that was designed to create more grace and peace in the world. To realize this vision, Grace Farms Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, set out to create a multipurpose site nestled into the existing habitat that would enable visitors to experience nature, encounter the arts, pursue justice, foster community, and explore faith. Visit www.gracefarms.org to learn more.

Yes, Grace Farms is open to the public six days a week (Tues-Sun). For information about visiting, please click here.

The Commons offers a small menu of fresh prepared meals, pastries, and drinks for our on-site daily visitors, non-profit partners, and staff.

While our products are served on site, we do not grow or produce the products sold through Grace Farms Foods on site. The products we offer online through Grace Farms Foods are produced by partners off-site that meet our quality standards, use our proprietary recipes, and meet our rigorous supplier code of conduct.

Grace Farms Foods is a public benefit corporation that is wholly-owned (100%) by Grace Farms Foundation. Grace Farms Foods was created to demonstrate the charitable purposes of the Grace Farms Foundation and share Grace Farms with as many people as possible.

Grace Farms Foods manufactures and retails food and food related accessories that demonstrate and educate about the charitable purposes of Grace Farms Foundation.

giving back 100%

Grace Farms was created to give back to our local and global communities by creating a place to advance good in the world.

Grace Farms Foods, was created to not only demonstrate Grace Farms' charitable purposes, but also give back 100% of its profits to support Grace Farms Foundation's humanitarian initiatives.

Transparency is very important to us. Grace Farms Foods is 100% owned by Grace Farm Foundation and every purchase helps us demonstrate our not-for-profit purposes through the purchase of Grace Farms' products.

Our first priority is demonstrating the charitable purposes of the foundation and supporting the mission of Grace Farms Foundation. We do this by producing, and selling ethically and sustainably sourced products.

Our second priority is to help fund Grace Farms Foundation's charitable work. When profitable, 100% of the profits of Grace Farms Foods' business operations are given to Grace Farms Foundation and directly supports Design For Freedom by Grace Farms.

Design For Freedom is the first movement to bring awareness to and end forced labor within the building materials supply chain.

In partnership with more than 60 industry leaders, Grace Farms is creating a new model to tackle modern slavery in materials like wood, steel, and glass used to make our schools, libraries, homes, and public buildings.

ethical and sustainable sourcing

Humanity and our planet are at a critical point in which our consumption as humans will dictate our future. We are committed to protecting human rights and our planet through ethical and sustainable sourcing of our ingredients and manufacturing our products.

Ethical sourcing refers to the protection of workers' rights in the procurement of ingredients used in our products. We believe that all worker's have the freedom to be employed without coercion and deserve fair wages. Ingredients like cocoa, sugar, herbs, and coffee are particularly at-risk of forced and child labor, which is why we are focused on proving that these ingredients can be ethically sourced.

Sustainable sourcing refers to protecting the environment from unnecessary harm through the growing and harvesting of our ingredients. It has been proven that sustainable agriculture not only leads to higher quality yields, but also more resilient ones that combat climate change.

While no supply chain of at-risk ingredients is 100% guaranteed to not include child or forced labor, we have removed any reasonable doubt that our ingredient sourcing contributes to forced labor.

We have partnered with both Fairtrade America and Fair Trade USA and work with values-aligned importers to ensure that our at-risk ingredients are certified by third party auditors to protect worker's rights.

When possible, we also source organic ingredients that reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, source shade-grown coffee, and farmers that practice agro-forestry.

We have carefully chosen compostable and biodegradable packaging when possible. For example, we have sourced post-consumer recycled plastics and FSC certified paper products for our cookie packaging.

gift boxes and subscriptions

We offer two kinds of subscriptions. Recurring subscriptions for select bundles of products that are great for easy repeat purchasing and to save money. All recurring subscriptions save 10% on each order.

We also offer gift subscriptions which are available on select gift boxes. Gift subscriptions are perfect for giving a gift for 2, 3, or 6 months and a chance to try a variety of our products.

Yes, we have a Corporate and Volume Gifting program and would be delighted to help. Grace Farms Gift Boxes are the perfect gift for clients, partners, and customers to show your appreciation and good taste! We offer discounts on orders of 10 boxes or more and all include free ground shipping. Please email gifting@gracefarmsfoods.com to set up your order today.

our 100% fulfilling guarantee

We stand by the quality of our products and offer a 100% Fulfilling Guarantee. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know right away and we will coordinate a replacement or a refund if preferred. If you receive the wrong items, let us know and we will get it right. There is no need to return any items to us, if product is not damaged and unopened feel free to donate them to a food relief organization. Just e-mail customerservice@gracefarmsfoods.com for any support. Refunds are limited to one per customer per year.

privacy and personal information

We take every customer's privacy very serious and will never share or sell your personal information. Personal information shared through voluntary opt-in is kept secure. Credit card information is stored through Stripe and Recharge, an encrypted third party credit card processor. Email information is only accessible by Grace Farms Foods and Grace Farms Foundation. You may opt-out of any communication and request removal of your personal information anytime by emailing privacy@gracefarmsfoods.com. For more details please review our Privacy Policy here.

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